BMW 135i runs 0-60 in 4.7 seconds

February 21, 2008 by  
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Car and driver recently test drive the new BMW 135i and was able to squeeze out a 0-60 time of 4.7 seconds. I don’t think there was that much squeezing since Shrek part one came out. Yes, they ran 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds in the new BMW 135i. This is all so promising for the enthusiasts that said this was BMW’s new pocket rocket. The posted times from BMW were a mediocre and conservative 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds. Remember the BMW 335i, which has the same engine (twin turbo), had a posted time from BMW of 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds. Well, we know the 335i can do better than that but until now we were not too sure about the new BMW 135i. We look for tuners to take this car to a new level this year once they get their hands on one, or two, or three.

So it is your choice… the new BMW M3 for almost $60,000, the new 335i for over $40,000 or the new 300hp twin turbo BMW 135i starting at $34,900.

Here is an exclusive test drive of the new BMW 135i on Fifth Gear up against the Porsche Cayman. WOOT WOOT! This should be good! Just a note: their 0-62 time is WAY OFF! HA HA!



4 Comments on "BMW 135i runs 0-60 in 4.7 seconds"

  1. Daniel on Tue, 6th May 2008 11:46 pm 

    Awesome video!!!

  2. Robert on Mon, 18th May 2009 1:23 am 

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  3. Eliud on Wed, 24th Feb 2010 1:18 am 

    Great movie. I think few people know how to drive this new type of car. In another website it lost a race against TTS cause the pilot couldn´t manage the car “in the corners” however it got a great advantage in straight line…

  4. fixed gear on Wed, 24th Feb 2010 7:19 am 

    That red leather is dead sexy.