2008 Pontiac G8 GT Test Drive

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2008 Pontiac G8 GT Sedan: Bringing Back Pontiac Excitement!

With the all-new 2008 G8 GT, Pontiac is once again offering real high-performance thrills for the whole family. Unlike the two-door GTO coupe that lasted only two model years, the all-new G8 GT offers a thrilling ride with more comfort and safety for the whole family at a very reasonable price.

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Pontiac G8: The Hero in Spy Hunter, The Game!

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As car companies attempt to market their cars in a new way, GM is pushing out the Pontiac G8 in front of the young-aged people who knew about the popular Spy Hunter video game. They figure if you played the original Spy Hunter game back in 1986 then you would be just the right age to purchase a new Pontiac G8. If you do that math then you will know they are pretty dead on for the targeted age group for the Pontiac G8. A sports sedan with a serious attitude is something a new/young family man would purchase right? Well maybe… in the meantime while you think about THIS, view the new commercial/video of the Pontiac G8 – Spy Hunter Game re-make.

Trans AM for sale


This Pontiac commercial is largely inspired by the popular action/driving game from the early 80s. In the Pontiac spot, the mission is the same, with the G8 starring as the hero car.

Go Topless This Summer – Top 10 Topless Cars for This Summer


Rag Top, Topless, Drop Top, Convertible, Sun Fun, Hardtop, Soft-top and more. Okay folks, we are not talking about women outfits here, we are talking about the top 10 convertibles for this summer.

The automotive industry has come back with a vengeance developing and marking some of the best convertible cars yet. When a new panoramic sunroof just does not do it for you need to go completely topless then you may want to take a look at one of the top 10 Topless Cars for this summer.


Mini Cooper
Price: $21,950


The Mini Cooper has made its mark as a favorite “little” car and recently a favorite due to the high gas prices. This soft top convertible has the same attractive cues as does the regular coupe. Also available is a version with a retractable soft-top that glides back for a panoramic vista roof view.

#9 and #8

Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky
Price: $22,165 and $25,525


You can consider both the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky the little sisters or brothers of the Chevy Corvette, a convertible version of course. The new power plants may consider these little roadsters “pocket rockets” with a new 260hp turbocharged 2.0 liter. With that version it may set you back about 30 grand. Saturn Sky Test Drive.


Ford Mustang
Price: $24,475


We have seen it, loved it, and now we still enjoy the infamous Ford Mustang with a soft drop top. When we say fun in the sun, this is it. Still one of the most affordable sports coupes you can buy on the market. As always, you can let your hair blow in the wind and still have some cash in your pocket for some expensive gas.

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GM Cuts Production – Plant Closings, No More Hummer, No more SUV’s?


Today GM released the announcement to its employees and to the public that they have plans to majorly cut production including 4 truck plants. The slow in the economy and high gas prices is obviously a major factor in the decision that GM is making in the upcoming months. Surprisingly Rick Wagoner, GM’s CEO, announced possible closing of plants that make many GM SUV’s and trucks with a mention of a possible removal or sale of Hummer which may remove this brand from the market all-together.

This may come as a surprise when you listen to Rick Wagoner mention the closing of plants that produce the Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon. We all know that is a big monster in the SUV market but we also know the SUV market is diminishing very fast mainly due to the fact that SUV’s consume A LOT of gas and the economy just cannot support the high price of such vehicles.

CNN.com posted the news this morning and reads:

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Ferrari Knock-Offs are back in the Mix

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In our interesting world we have those who choose to drive one of the finest cars in the world. We have those choose to make an attempt to replicate one of the finest car brands in the world. Ever seen those old Pontiac Fiero’s with a Ferrari kit on it… usually a red car that looks like plastic? HA, yes, I am sure you have seen them running around sounding like a poor-mans Chevy with a 4-cyl engine. Well, it seems the pot is being stirred again with people making replicas of Ferrari’s from the form of Pontiacs, Toyotas, and others. Above is the video clip from cnn.com demonstrating what is happening now.


Enjoy and feel free to post your comments. Myself and my staff check the comments daily and want to hear from you!

2008 New York Auto Show: Pontiac G8 ST CAR-TRUCK

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Told ya so. GM will be developing an El Camino type vehicle. Debuting at the 2008 New York Auto show will be the Pontiac G8 ST where the ST stands for Sport Truck… go figure. Along side of the Pontiac will be a GMC version of the same “Crewman” Ute type vehicle. Does anyone actually remember the El Camino and how many of those cars (trucks) they sold?

All based on the Holden Crewman as in our previous post.




What is your outlook on this type of vehicle… is it more of a “move over gas guzzling pickup truck” or is it, “that’s just plain ugly, I never liked the El Camino anyway”. You decide!


KITT Knight Rider Car up for Auction on eBay

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Knight Rider

One of the 4 Knight Rider cars is up for action on eBay. Yes, KITT is for sale, and you can own him if you win this eBay auction. Back in 2006 one of the Knight Rider cars sold for around $100,000 which was down from the asking price of $149,000. While these 1984 Pontiac Trans-Am cars remain circulated and in good re-conditioned shape they are looking into selling them off as you can see in this eBay auction. The car for sale in this auction is one of the camera cars that Michael Knight – David Hasselhoff actually sat in behind the wheel and this one was not wrecked in any stunt crashes. It remains in excellent shape and ready for its new own to take possession.


Of course this car is not really going to hold full conversations and drive itself around town by its self, but it sure might fool your friends by the added detail and aesthetics of what we all have known for the original KITT Knight Rider car. The opening bid was posted at $20,000 and has since gone up to over 30K at the time of posting this article.

Link to the auction on eBay Here!

KITT Interior

Happy Bidding!

SEMA 2007 Off to a bang starting with the Pontiac G8 SEMA Edition

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Pontiac G8 SEMA Edition

With some 20’s and some scary Halloween accents  you can’t mistake the new Pontiac G8 with some meaner looking parts dressed up for the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV.

Pontiac G8 SEMA Edition

Pontiac G8 SEMA Edition

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