GM Cuts Production – Plant Closings, No More Hummer, No more SUV’s?


Today GM released the announcement to its employees and to the public that they have plans to majorly cut production including 4 truck plants. The slow in the economy and high gas prices is obviously a major factor in the decision that GM is making in the upcoming months. Surprisingly Rick Wagoner, GM’s CEO, announced possible closing of plants that make many GM SUV’s and trucks with a mention of a possible removal or sale of Hummer which may remove this brand from the market all-together.

This may come as a surprise when you listen to Rick Wagoner mention the closing of plants that produce the Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon. We all know that is a big monster in the SUV market but we also know the SUV market is diminishing very fast mainly due to the fact that SUV’s consume A LOT of gas and the economy just cannot support the high price of such vehicles. posted the news this morning and reads:

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2008 Chicago Auto Show: GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept Video

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A review of the GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept. The video says it all.

Post your comments and let us know what you think about this “THING”.

2008 Chicago Auto Show: GMC Denali XT Hybrid

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GMC shows off a new hybrid concept vehicle… the GMC Denali XT Hybrid at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show. It is built off of a car chassis instead of the truck framing construction. In this video the designer Warrack Leach discusses the points of such a vehicle. Will trucks move to more efficient car chassis? As the automakers fight to find a more economical solution we will have to wait to find out.

Enjoy the video!

New York Auto Show 2008: New El’ Camino NO it’s a GMC 4 door Holden

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The GM Zeta platform is getting worn out already. Holden will use the platform for a new 4 door utility vehicle for the Australian automaker. The new utility vehicle should resemble the old Holden Crewman show in the images.



The new concept of this upcoming GMC El’ Camino-esq vehicle should show up in the 2008 New York Auto Show. So stay tuned!

Oh SNAP!- Yes, the Toyota Tundra Camshaft

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2007 Toyota Tundra

By Jeffrey 

Toyota’s learning curve seems to widening every week. From the four-star crash test rating to growing list of recalls, the 2007 Toyota Tundra has been anything but smooth for the Japanese automaker’s first venture into the full-size pickup truck market. Even as recent Ford F-150 commercials have been pointing out to consumers the Tundra’s inferior crash test rating, sales of the Tundra continue to be relatively strong. As a matter of fact, only the Tundra and the Dodge Ram posted sales increases compared to last year.

With all this in mind, the latest news for Toyota could slow down any positive momentum the Tundra had in the market. A small, yet significant, number of the Tundra’s 381-horsepower, 5.7-liter DOHC i-Force V8 have had catastrophic camshaft failures. While only 20 of the estimated 30,000 engines have experienced a broken camshaft, the severity of an engine failure could prove quite costly for the Tundra in America’s most lucrative automotive market. 

The catastrophe for Toyota isn’t so much in the engine as much as the company’s stellar image of quality-built cars. While no company can be perfect in a new car launch, demonstrated by Ford’s flame-throwing Super Duty mishap, Toyota faces an uphill battle with the brand-new Tundra trying to play with the big boys. So far, Toyota is prepared to replace the complete engine assembly on any Tundra that experiences a broken camshaft, but Toyota is still studying how many of the engines may have been affected. The camshaft problem was first noticed in February and changes to the production procedures were changed. While no recall has been announced, the camshaft failures could turn out to be a major problem for Toyota.




2007 Toyota Tundra Engine 

The camshaft is supplied to Toyota from an outside vendor and the problem is recognized as a “…a metallurgical defect in the casting.” One positive aspect for Toyota is that in order to keep inventories low, engines are built using just-in-time parts supplies which means that there are no “batches” of engines and, good for Toyota, any bad parts should be limited to a small number of engines.  

Regardless, all the negative press on the Tundra lately will undoubtedly be Toyota’s first major test with customer service as many Toyotas are thought to be the most reliable and dependable vehicles on the market to some. Replacing the entire engine and not just the camshaft at least shows that Toyota continues to look ahead yet deal with major problems efficiently as they come along.  While no recall has been announced, this latest problem will most certainly affect sales. Despite relatively strong sales numbers, Toyota’s projected goal of 200,000 Tundra sales this year will most likely not be met. Toyota sold 14,200 Tundras in April, up 60 percent from last year, amassing 40,662 units through the first third of the year, but at the current sales rate, last year’s tally of 124,508 sales seems a more reasonable sales projection. 


2007 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab

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The newest generation of the industry’s most dependable pickup truck is the strongest Silverado yet, delivering segment-best power and fuel economy. The new Silverado is built on an all-new platform that supports a smoother ride and responsive, confident handling while delivering segment-leading capability and power. a lineup of six powerful Gen IV small-block V8 engines complements the stronger chassis to deliver the light-duty segment’s highest rated towing capacity (10,500lbs.), horsepower (367) and fuel economy (20mpg/highway), with a maximum payload of 2,160lbs.These factors plus a roomier, more comfortable cabin, led Motor Trend Magazine to name the new Silverado ‘Pickup Truck of the Year’. J.D. Power & Associates had the 2006 Silverado at the top of the Large Pickup category, and the heavy-duty models tied for 2 nd place with GMC Sierra.  




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