Mini Crossover Concept – Visions for Mobility of the Future

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The MINI brand is continuing its overwhelming story of success. This Design Study offers a fascinating outlook at a new facet of the brand powerfully expressed by a truly innovative body concept.

Let’s touch base with Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht the Senior Vice President of MINI Brand Management and hear about this extraordinary concept.

GTO for sale

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How Much HP Is Fast? Cadillac STS-V with 575hp – Video

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So, we have another very fast Cadillac to introduce. One with 575hp and 4 doors.

No this is not the new CTS-V that we recently confirmed being the fasted Cadillac yet. This Cadillac is a JET! A Jet you ask, yes a Jet, just listen to the video below. The video below is where Cadillac makes a complete mockery out of the Benz C63 commercial attempting to answer the question of how much HP is fast or how much HP will take your breath away. I think 575hp just might do it.


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The Fastest Cadillac Yet: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

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2009 Cadillac CTS-V: Loads and loads of power!

Remember when we posted an article about how manufacturers and car fanatics are utilizing the Nurburgring as a new meter stick for measuring the performance of new vehicles? Well, no different with Cadillac when it comes to their fastest Cadillac yet, the new Cadillac CTS-V. This new CTS-V is new using components from the new Corvette ZR1 making a mighty 556hp and 551 ft. lbs. of torque all in a package that can actually handle that type of power, not to mention 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. Garage 419 did an excellent video with a drive and interview with Nurburgring record holder, John Heinricy. Hold on to your butts, this is going to be one serious drive!

Enjoy the video!

The Real Halo Warthog In Action – Funny Video

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Pretty interesting and funny video of a life-life Halo (Xbox video game) Warthog vehicle. This All-Terrain vehicle aka Halo Warthog seems just as difficult to drive in real-life as it is in all of the Halo series of games.

Enjoy the video!

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I Almost Crashed My New Corvette – Some Idiot!

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Look ma, I can fish-tail ma new Vette, aint it cool… WHOA WOOPS!

Some guy in a new Chevy Corvette just about lost his life, well at least the car, by doing something he didn’t have any business doing. This person obviously could not handle the power but he really felt the urge the show off in front of some people. Too bad one person had a video camera! HA HA!!!!

How To ‘Almost’ Trash Your 50k Corvette

Update: This must be this guys friend in a Pontiac GTO… his friend was not so lucky, he actually got hit!

GTO Freeway Burnout Gone Bad! Crash!

BMW M3 vs. Lexus IS-F – Another Knock Down Drag Out Battle

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Who will win when you have a new BMW M3 up against the New Lexus IS-F?

While I am on a roll writing about BMW stuff why not post up the videos of the new BMW M3 up against the Lexus IS F. Bang for your buck? Well that depends. It’s a fair fight this time because it is 2008 and we have two beasts ready to pounce on each other. One from Germany and one from Japan. Who is the better of the two when it comes to pure performance? We added a little bonus with some hot chicks and a little something to get their hearts racing! WOOT WOOT!

Stats on each of the beasts: (provided by


BMW M3 with 4-litre V8 (based on the S85B50 5-litre V10 that powers the E60/E61 M5 and the E63/E64 M6 to date) delivers 420 DIN-hp (309 kW, 414 SAE-hp) at 8,300 rpm and peak torque is 400 N•m (295 ft•lbf) at 3,900 rpm. 0-60 mph: 4.8 Sec. Top Speed: 161 mph (259 km/h) indicated/155 mph (249 km/h) electronically limited, 203mph (308kmh) delimited with DKG (320kmh)

Lexus ISF

Lexus ISF features a 5.0 L direct-injected V8 producing 416 SAE hp (423 PS, 311 kW) at 6,600 rpm, while peak torque is 371 ft•lbf (503 N•m) at 5,200 rpm. 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration in 4.6 seconds. Electronically limited top speed of 170 mph (270 km/h).

You be the judge! Enjoy the Fifth Gear videos!
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Hybrid Round Up – A Closer Look At Available Hybrid Vehicles – Video

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Want 20% better gas mileage? Want to drive one of the best gas saving cars available at your local dealership? Look no further because the video below showcases all currently available hybrid vehicles that can be purchased today. Whether you love SUV’s, cars or even sports cars, you have a choice in utilizing today’s hybrid technology to ultimately save you money at the gas pump.

Enjoy! – MotorWeek’s Hybrid Round Up:

New Movie Transporter 3 Weapon of Choice – New Audi A8

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correction to an older version of article: The vehicle is an Audi A8 W12!

If you are a true car enthusiast like me then you have probably seen the movies Transporter and Transporter 2. Remember the BMW 7 series they used in Transporter 1 and then the Audi A8 W12 in Transporter 2? Well, it seems the Audi is the one to win a spot in the new Transporter 3 movie, once again it is the Audi A8 W12. We did an exclusive test drive of the new Audi A8 W12 a couple years ago which happens to sport 6.0 liter, DOHC, all-aluminum W12 engine that is uniquely designed and takes up about the same amount of room as a V8 engine because the two banks of 6-cyliners are staggered, hence the W. The Transporter will have no issues performing more unbelievable (unreal) stunts with this much power on tap through all 4 wheels.

With a price tag of over $118,000 for just the “star car”, you better believe the Transporter 3 will have some serious action packed missions in store for us all.

Below is the trailer of the new Transporter 3 movie including its stars, Jason Statham and the Audi A8. Enjoy!

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