KITT Knight Rider Car up for Auction on eBay

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Knight Rider

One of the 4 Knight Rider cars is up for action on eBay. Yes, KITT is for sale, and you can own him if you win this eBay auction. Back in 2006 one of the Knight Rider cars sold for around $100,000 which was down from the asking price of $149,000. While these 1984 Pontiac Trans-Am cars remain circulated and in good re-conditioned shape they are looking into selling them off as you can see in this eBay auction. The car for sale in this auction is one of the camera cars that Michael Knight – David Hasselhoff actually sat in behind the wheel and this one was not wrecked in any stunt crashes. It remains in excellent shape and ready for its new own to take possession.


Of course this car is not really going to hold full conversations and drive itself around town by its self, but it sure might fool your friends by the added detail and aesthetics of what we all have known for the original KITT Knight Rider car. The opening bid was posted at $20,000 and has since gone up to over 30K at the time of posting this article.

Link to the auction on eBay Here!

KITT Interior

Happy Bidding!


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