Mercedes Benz AMG Launch Game – Play it now!

January 22, 2008 by  
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Mercedes Benz AMG division has a pretty neat game on the Mercedes AMG website. It tests your reaction time for a drag racing environment. In virtual reality it tests your wit at the Christmas tree start of a drag race. You control the rev that you want to drop the clutch on and the exact moment of releasing the beast down the drag strip. Can you beat our lap time? I am sure you can, if you do post your results in the comments below. Visit other neat items on the Mercedes Benz AMG site while your at it.

Link to the game HERE!



2 Comments on "Mercedes Benz AMG Launch Game – Play it now!"

  1. Malcolm on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008 7:02 pm 

    Our time posted!

  2. saleel on Mon, 29th Jun 2009 7:30 am 

    Hi, nice info. But i tried to play that game and couldn’t see that link anywhere in your blog. DO i have to check it on mercedez site?