More Offshore Oil Drilling – Is It The Answer To Americas Thirst for Gas And High Prices?


Today I am a bit off of the direct automotive topics but this does indirectly affect the automotive world because 99% of the cars, trucks, and SUV’s on the road today in America use some type of Gas fuel that comes from oil. I won’t bore you with restating the fact that some people propose that they lift the ban on offshore drilling (for oil)… you can read about that on The big question I have for you is do you really think they should lift this ban and will it really “help” us? Some say that this will not even affect the gas prices until 5 years later if the ban was eliminated NOW. That means they start drilling today and then maybe 5 years from today you may see the price of gas come down from $10 a gallon… yea, I am thinking in 5 years the price will be around $10 to $15 a gallon at the rate we are going now. If you don’t think this is an answer then let us know what should be done. If you think this is an answer then let us know why.


I can tell you my opinion but then again I don’t want to cause an argument over the internet… but since someone will eventually say it in the comments then why not. Here goes… I think the offshore drilling deal is not the answer. I think it is very risky in further harming our environment. I think we need to start NOW with rolling out more new alternatives so we have time to adapt. It will take America a long time to adapt to new technologies and alternatives not to mention lots of money on the part of investors, the government and consumers. We have taken too many small steps in the past. Just like hybrid cars, yes, they may be great and all but it is only a small step. We need bigger steps and more of our CURRENT technology to be utilized so that we may have some relief at the gas pump SOON. Not to mention, we need to clean up our act, in America we consume way too much and leave a very big dirty footprint on our environment.Let’s just face our reality right now head-on. It will be several years before we have any permanent relief at the gas pump. We need more car companies, government officials and consumers to consider moving to alternatives such as the new Honda FCX Clarity that is on its way to America to be sold eventually as a main-stream car. There are several other viable alternatives available as well. That in its self is a much bigger step than a Toyota Prius. Look at the facts, a Toyota Prius still uses gasoline, yet a smaller amount that any other gas burning car that you can buy at a dealership, but you are still paying $4 or more a gallon to fill its tank. Im not knocking the Toyota by any means, if I was able to purchase one right now and sell my SUV for a good price I would.

What about being GREEN? A lot of people want to become “green” all-off-a-sudden because they are paying almost $100 to fill their big SUV every week or so? Have we dug a bigger hole than we thought? Can we fill this hole in enough time so that we are able to keep our house and current lifestyle? What should America do? What have you done to cope? Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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  1. Automotive Marketing on Fri, 20th Jun 2008 5:50 am 

    No worries!

    Now that Japan has invented a car that runs purely with water, there would be no probelm of pollution, or petrol/gas charges anymore. Once that car steps into the market, i hope everthing goes fine and people should be using it successfuly with no major headaches. One good thing is that it can run even with ocean water and thats the vital point overall as the drinking water is limited and there are chances govt laying cost for water too(i know water bill exists but the one i specied might reach the petrol charges)