$200K-Plus Lexus: Lexus LF-A Will Cost over $200K

May 21, 2008 by  
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Insideline has somewhat confirmed that the new Lexus LF-A will cost a bit over $200,000. Lexus officials stated that the new LF-A will have a number “two” in the beginning of the price tag. We know for sure it aint $20,000 so that only leaves $200,000. This will make the new Lexus LF-A the most expensive Lexus (or Toyota) ever.


Many of us have seen spyshots of the new Lexus “Supercar” on the Nurburgring race circuit sporting a possible sub 7 minute run just about on par with the infamous Nissan GT-R. But at $200,000 shouldn’t this be the car to defy laws of physics. Many will argue that the Nissan GT-R defys some of the laws of physics by just being a big bully in the super-car world that’s half the price. But really, are we comparing a Nissan to a Lexus? How dare us.




At $200,000 this new Lexus LF-A better do some amazing tricks like the one in the movie “Transporter 2” where the Audi does a 360 degree barrel roll and lands back on all fours. Yes, it better be that good. Look at some of the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, that cost upwards of $200K, they all can do that right?