Toyota posts 39% drop in Q1 profit

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U.S. sales of the Toyota Prius fell 3.9 percent through July vs. the same period of 2007

TOKYO (Thomson Financial) — Toyota Motor Corp. said on Thursday its operating profit dropped 39 percent in the fiscal first quarter ending in June, from a year earlier. The company said this was due to slowing sales in the U.S. and Europe, higher purchasing costs of basic materials and a strong yen.
Toyota left its earnings guidance unchanged but still warned its operating profit will drop for the first time in nine years.

The company registered an operating profit of 412.59 billion yen ($3.8 billion), down from an operating profit of 675.43 billion yen ($6.17 billion) a year earlier. This was also the second straight quarter that its operating profit had fallen…

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$200K-Plus Lexus: Lexus LF-A Will Cost over $200K

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Insideline has somewhat confirmed that the new Lexus LF-A will cost a bit over $200,000. Lexus officials stated that the new LF-A will have a number “two” in the beginning of the price tag. We know for sure it aint $20,000 so that only leaves $200,000. This will make the new Lexus LF-A the most expensive Lexus (or Toyota) ever.


Many of us have seen spyshots of the new Lexus “Supercar” on the Nurburgring race circuit sporting a possible sub 7 minute run just about on par with the infamous Nissan GT-R. But at $200,000 shouldn’t this be the car to defy laws of physics. Many will argue that the Nissan GT-R defys some of the laws of physics by just being a big bully in the super-car world that’s half the price. But really, are we comparing a Nissan to a Lexus? How dare us.




At $200,000 this new Lexus LF-A better do some amazing tricks like the one in the movie “Transporter 2” where the Audi does a 360 degree barrel roll and lands back on all fours. Yes, it better be that good. Look at some of the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, that cost upwards of $200K, they all can do that right?